Some of my tidbits.

1.I have produced, directed and acted in over 200 shows.

2.I love good energy.

3.I am reliable and creative.

4.I went to school to be a fashion designer and received my diploma.

5. I have my medical diplomia as a registered massage therapist, shamanic healer, tarot card reader and reiki master.

6.I have owned 5 homes.

7. I was adopted at 3 years old and lost my father on the ocean ranger at 17.

8. I have three brothers that all start with the letter T, and one sister.

9.I use to own a 64 corvette.

10. I adopted a german shepherd 4 years ago she is 16.

11.I have a horse named Daisy.

12.My mother has survived four types of cancer. I am clear and free and non smoker.

13.I own the bio mat.

14.I have a son named Zack.

15. I have a daughter named Nikki.

16.I have volunteer at Heartlands money raising events for 3 years in a row.

17.I have been on 5 commercials.

18. I have worked on over 100 movie sets as background, sse, soc and have had a few roles as well.

19. I love gifts and laughter.

20. My family and friends are important to me and love them dearly.

21.I won 5k at a satellite bingo a few years ago.

22. I love mother earth, working and making movies.

23. I believe in education and helping others.

24. I have several degrees like reiki master, massage therapist in many different types modules like whiplash, pregnancy, sports, sciatics, tmj, european seated massage, reflexologist, energy balancer and nursing assistant. I am now updating my massage degree so I can work around the world and in physio and government agencies

24. I volunteer for the seniors to help them with appointments and daily chores.

25. I went back to school and received my health care aid certificate and I am specializing in complex mental need clients.

26. I have a letter of distribution for the slilver thimble gang. Looking forward to finish this. La have welcomed us.