"Marnie has taken my actors training for years and always works hard is 100 committed and never gives up. A pleasure to work with."

Neil Schell

Director, actor and mentor


"Marnie is an amazing human being who always has a positive outlook. She has incredible drive and knows how to motivate a diverse range of individuals to work as an effective and efficient group. Marnie is an asset to any organization she works for, and I consider it a privilege to know her. If you want a project done she is the lady to see it through."

Keith Park

Actor and technologist

Alberta is a close knit film community, so after knowing Marnie for many years, I have finally had the wonderful opportunity to work with her on set. She is a giving scene partner and an "Actor's Director" in the sense that she allows you time to create and feel the essence of the role/scene. Always bring her positive approach to set, working with Marnie has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to the day that we get to create together again.
Much Love, Shawna Welsh


I have been Marnies Acting Coach for 18 months, during this time Marnie has proven to be a passionate and talented woman, ready to take on the challenges and always willing to help, support and pour her talented heart into the projects she attaches herself to. I look forward to Marnie's continued growth in the entertainment industry, both as a producer and as a actress.


Written by Jewelle Colwell.

Executive producer, Mentor and Actress.



Dear Marnie,
"I've written this recommendation of your work to share with others.
 "Marnie's energy and passion for what she does is second to none. Her dedication to expanding her skills as an actor and voice artist never waivers and her passion for the industry never dims. She is truly a joy to work with."


Tracy Walaschuk
Former Agent

Dear Marnie,
“I've written this recommendation of your work to share with others. Details of the Recommendation:
Diplomacy is one of Marnies key strengths. 
She carries a brilliant balance between serious n fun while dedicating 110% to any project currently on the table. She is a multi-skilled multitasker with a can do attitude.”

 Leon Gower
Artist, Author, Producer and Teacher.


Marnie is a gem. I have worked with her for several years. She is so Dedicated, Talented, creative and someone you can't wait to get to know. It is without hesitation that I recommend Marnie Madden”.
Deb Munroe
Actor, Mentor and Voice Talent

It is my pleasure to endorse you, as well as your professional touch. We can't wait till you get to set with your great hands, kind heart and lovely smile makes our day".
 Marcy Dichter

Casting Agent


Thank you to all the people who support me.

XX Im truly passionate and love creating stories and making movies.